In addition to working with the Golf industry, we also specialise in providing finance packages for Commercial and Rural businesses covering a diverse range of fixed assets.

We finance everything from wind turbines to a herd of milk cows, so whatever the project, get in touch today.

Commercial Assets:

  • New and Used Machines and Vehicles
  • Cars & 4×4 Vehicles
  • All van types
  • All HGV and lorries
  • ATV & RTV
  • Tractors & implements
  • Expansion projects
  • Business restructure
  • Incubators & hatchery equipment
  • Constructing of new property

Personal Car Finance:

  • Competitive rates offered on personal car finance packages
  • Available across a range of vehicles

Rural Assets:

  • Arable Equipment and Machinery – Tractors, Tillers, Rollers, Ploughs and Harrows.
  • Soil cultivation machinery – Cultivators and Ploughs.
  • Planting machinery – Broadcast Seeder and Reapers.
  • Balers & other Baling Equipment.
  • Animal Feed – Loans to purchase feed for Cattle, Sheep, Poultry, Pigs and other Livestock.
  • Cattle Equipment – Beef and Cattle Housing and Cow Feed.
  • Loader Equipment – Trailers, Trucks, Conveyor Belts and Telehandlers.
  • Fertilising equipment and spreaders – Manure spreaders, Muck spreaders and Silage.
  • Harvesters and sorting equipment – Harvesters, Combine Harvesters.
  • Dairy machinery – Milking equipment, Dairy feed, Dairy Cattle, Housing and Sheds.
  • Grain and feed stores – Grain Sheds, Dryers, Bulk Sheds, Crop Store and Silos.

We can also advise on a range of re-financing and consolidating solutions.